EXACT Sports provides a new way of looking at athletes. We seek to answer the question, “what are the most important ingredients for athletic success?” Since our founding, our work has focused on understanding the major components of an athlete’s success: physical conditioning, behavioral characteristics, mental aptitude, and technical skills. EXACT works across all team sports, youth through professional,and with both genders. Our tools are used by the National Hockey League, Major League Lacrosse, Major League Soccer, United Soccer Leagues and USL Olympic Development Program, baseball showcases, football camps, and professional workouts, and colleges across the country.

Our History

We Believe in Athlete Development

EXACT Sports was founded to provide a comprehensive understanding of the athlete so that all stakeholders in the player’s development—the athlete, coach, and parent—are armed with tools to improve development. We are probably most well-known for our behavioral assessments and sport psychology tools. These tools help players in sport monitor and increase characteristics such as motivation, confidence, competitiveness, leadership, and mental toughness. We work with youth sports all the way through to professional teams.

A Long and Successful History of Supporting Player Development

Our organization has a long history of working with and researching youth and athlete development. Since then, we’ve developed new behavioral assessments and tools and expanded to work with organizations such as the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Lacrosse (MLL), and Major League Soccer (MLS), among others. Although we’ve worked at the professional level, we work very closely with youth organizations to foster positive youth development. Our tools work across sport, gender, and age levels.

Our Roots Are in Science and Academia

Our roots are in the scientific understanding of youth development. Our science advisors and staff guide our work with athletes. And through our work with thousands of athletes across age, gender, and competition level, we’ve been able to publish intriguing research findings and provide coaching education seminars.

As you can see, EXACT’s staff are passionate about player development and approaching it the right way. Please contact us to learn more about how we can support you.

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Ripken Foundation “Developing Character” Manual

An Analytic Review of Draft Eligible Baseball vs Hockey Prospects on Psychological Characteristics
(Manuscript is Under Journal Review, available upon request)

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Expert Staff

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