Academic 50 ID Camp

A Better Way To Build Your College Network. Player Focused. Results Driven. 

Why EXACT is Rated #1

  • Unparalleled Access to 50 College Coaches: The Academic 50 ID Camp has at least 50 colleges in attendance from the top academic and athletic programs in the USA. All college coaches are confirmed to attend by EXACT staff to instruct and identify players at camp.
  • Personal Interaction Emphasized: Players work with college coaches at camp during training sessions, tournament-style games, and off-field seminars and educational sessions. Players also meet with a college coach for a one-on-one college evaluation. Personal interaction is emphasized, so players can meet each college coach in attendance (better than 7:1 player to coach ratio).
  • Recruiting Seminar for Players & Parents: An in-depth seminar is held to educate players on the college recruiting process. With the help of college coaches, we outline exactly what you need to do to get recruited. A Q&A is included, and parents are encouraged to participate!
  • Develop Your Networking Skills: Players are trained on critical networking skills, such as making a professional first impression when meeting a college coach. Our approach is to help players build their personal college network so they can find the college that fits them.
  • Train With The Best: EXACT's program works. The proof is in the pudding. Just over 70% of players attending an EXACT ID Camp have gone on to play soccer in college. Join the #1 college soccer ID camp in the USA!

Academic 50 Locations 

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Why The Personal Approach Matters

When it comes to showcasing yourself for college coaches, playing ability is only part of the equation. A player's character, personality and cultural fit are also vital parts of what a college coach evaluates. The best way to know where you stand is to get direct feedback.

The Academic 50 ID Camp gives players a chance to interact with college coaches and start the relationship building process. Your time is not wasted with 'camp counselors'. From start to finish, players are with college coaches for every aspect of camp. This includes during training, tournament-style games, and even lunch. Over the course of camp, each player will get a taste of what it actually feels like to play in a college environment.

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