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You missed out!

Unleash Your Potential AT
THE national showcase Camp

Build your college network

Build personal connections with coaches from the top academic & athletic college basketball programs in the USA

Jump start your recruiting

Hear how the college recruiting process works directly from college coaches (parents welcome)

enhance your mental performance

Professional Coaches teach you to cope with adversity, maintain confidence and focus, and stay composed in competition

train with the best

Meet and play alongside top players and coaches from all over the country and around the world

Sneak Peek into the
#1 Rated Experience


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The national showcase CAMP Includes


An entire day of the best tournament play, intensive training, and more


College coaches attending from the top academic universities around the nation


Train, live-gameplay, and personally meet with every attending college coach


Learn the mental foundation of what the pro's are doing to gain an edge on competition


Learn the keys to recruitment to level up your college recruitment game-plan

Join our

Join our Elite Group: 70% of past EXACT Campers continuing their basketball career at a collegiate level


Receive a personalized evaluation from a college coach

Video Package

Share your camp experience with game-play footage


I got a clear and honest picture of what my best bets were

I wanted to let you know I committed to a school and also thank you for the experience your camp gave me. I participated in 3 of your camps (freshman / sophomore / junior year of HS) and I in each one I learned something different.

Before coming to your camp I didn't know where I would fit, but I knew I wanted to play in college. It was only through the interactions with coaches in your camp where I got a clear and honest picture of what my best bets were and provided me with the tools to navigate the process.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and affirm what you probably already know which is you are doing a great job.

Santi B. Athlete 

The camp helped to boost my son's confidence and love for the game

I attended the camp with my son. The information that the EXACT personnel provided was excellent. We are now much more informed regarding the college recruiting and scholarship qualification's. The coaches that mentored the boys were also very knowledgeable, devoted, and fun. The evaluation that was provided after the camp was very helpful to help guide my son with his future training. The camp helped to boost my son's confidence and love for the game. I cannot say enough about the camp. You guys are the best ! Thanks for your efforts!

Joe M. Parent

the opportunity to talk face-to-face with so many coaches from around the country

I had an amazing experience at EXACT Camp. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk face-to-face with so many coaches from around the country. I also enjoyed the opportunity to train with new coaches. I am looking forward to visiting coaches that I met at their schools and getting to take a closer look at their programs. It was also cool to meet so many fellow athletes from other places and make new friends. Thank you so much for everything!! Thank you!!!

Parker M. Athlete

They truly care about the improvement and development of their players

Being in situations and places like this can ultimately lead to them getting to where they want to go to and that's playing college basketball. Somebody you'll remember the next year or 2 when you're doing your recruiting for your next year so it helps the kids get exposure. 

It's really unique, a lot of college camps don't have coaches out here and have the chance to play in front of them, to talk to them about the whole recruiting process and get coaching and teaching from them. 

EXACT, they did a great job of structuring the camp and bringing the kids out with the college coaches. It's been a great experience and I would recommend it for anyone else. 

Terrance G. coach

Build Community. Network. Have Fun.

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