Last month, we shared how the EXACT Sports has been rated compared to a traditional camp, a tournament, a showcase and a training regimen both by the numbers and in the reviews.

Part 1 – By the Numbers
Part 2 – What’s Being Said: Hear the Uncensored Reviews of EXACT camps
Part 3 – Worth the Money

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In this final portion, we explore the financial aspect of attending.  The cost of games, training, camps, tournaments, showcases, clinics can add up quickly.  Outside of our work-life at EXACT, we too are parents and former youth athletes and can relate to the tough decisions involved in paying for a program of this nature.

Our #1 goal is to find a way for you to attend.   Our organization has a strong history of supporting those in need (e.g. we've worked with Boys & Girls clubs through the Cal Ripken Foundation, donated to Haiti relief through Barry University soccer).   We understand that in this economic climate and in managing a family budget, allocating resources can be difficult.
The below information explains a little about how this 'package deal' camp strives to save you money while giving you a higher value experience.

Part III: EXACT is Worth the Money
10) Each camp brings in coaches from around the nation, so that you can develop under their guidance without having to travel to multiple, repeated events. By attending the EXACT camp, families have saved up to $1800 by attending this best in class multi-college camp (giving you exposure to a variety of college coaches & their training approach), showcase-style program to aid in development, instructional regimen with sports psychology ("Go Mental!", 1-on-1 development feedback for player/ parents / club & HS coaches, mental diagnostic tools used by 100+ college programs for their own athletes, and on-field clinic work that emphasizes the mental aspect of performance.

11) Some camps spread the activities over a week by shortening hours in the day or adding in non-training activities. That approach works well for recreational camps, but not for EXACT.  EXACT intentionally compacts weeks worth of training over a short period as we prefer to minimize travel costs, lodging cost and time away from your home, while maintaining the highest opportunity for the player.

12) EXACT's training technologies are used by over 2,000 college athletes annually and top college programs such as the University of Wisconsin, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California, Indiana, Wake Forest, Virginia, University of North Dakota and many others. Leverage the same successful tools relied upon by collegiate players. College-development mental training toolkit included at no additional cost ($100 value).

13) EXACT's coach to player ratio last summer was a ‘best across US’ 4:1 ratio. Our college coach instructors represent top staff from around the United States and we mandate a small environment to give players better access to NCAA college coaches.

14) Early bird discounts are available to anyone registering in advance (early registrations save the coaches and EXACT time & money).

15) "Low Risk" enrollment -- Can't make it? We still want you to come and over many other opportunities! Tuition can be applied toward a future event (less a small cancellation fee).

16) While NCAA rules prevent us from offering camp scholarships, we do offer multiple options to enable any family to budget for this camp: The Installment Option (paid in monthly installments) and the Group Discount (5+ players) are great ways to allow any family that wants their child to make it to college athletes!