The EXACT Sports ID Camp approach is the only player training experience to blend the benefits of a college camp, a tournament, a showcase and a training regimen into a well-structured experience for high school athletes.

Every high school player should consider attending this sports camp for at least 15 reasons, which will be discussed in 3 blog posts:
Part 1 – By the Numbers
Part 2 – What’s Being Said: Hear the Uncensored Reviews of EXACT camps
Part 3 – Worth the Money


Part 1By the Numbers: EXACT is rated best camp, recommended by Parents, Players & Coaches

1) BEST CAMP FOR PLAYERS: >99% of players would consider coming to a future EXACT camp. When asked to rate different activities, the EXACT camp beat them all:
207% better than a traditional camp
213% better than a tournament
213% better than a showcase

Of those attending (which includes upcoming high school graduates), a resounding 87% said “definitely yes” to signing up again for the summer.

2) BEST CAMP FOR PARENTS: >98% of parents would consider sending their player to a future EXACT camp. 92% believe these same tools and training provided at the camp would be valuable to their player’s own club / HS team. All smiles from the parents — 100% were either very happy, happy or content with the quality of the coaches, the accessibility of their player to the coaches, and the location and amenities at the facility. When asked to rate different activities, the parents agreed with the player’s — better than any other experience:
263% better than a practice event with Club or HS team
194% better than a tournament
219% better than a showcase

3) NCAA COLLEGE COACH APPROVED: The majority of college coaches say that the EXACT camp is significantly better than other college camps. 100% of coaches agree that the EXACT camp is better than the average camp and 100% would like to instruct at a future EXACT camp.

4) HS & CLUB COACH INVOLVED: The tools from this camp are admired and used by current high school, travel, and club coaches. Over 10,000 youth coaches interact with us every year and continually recommend sending their players to this extra training and college development camp.

EXACT has a 70.2% Success Rate in Helping Athletes Play in College

NCAA Coaches love to attend EXACT camps because they meet many of their future players at EXACT events. To view information about opportunities near you, click the schedule below:
















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