“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. ” — Vince Lombardi

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In a follow up to article "Go to Guy" (http://exactsports.com/blog/the-go-to-guy/2010/07/19/), below are 6 quick tips to help every player maximize control over pressure filled situations:

1) Practice Pressure: Put yourself in the same anxious sports condition you face during a game during practice -- taking a penalty kick (soccer) or in a penalty play (hockey)?

2) Practice Distraction: Can you play well even when everything is pulling against you? Put on distracting music (e.g. if you are fan of rap, listen to disco) or turn on / off lights.

3) Practice and Train Hard: When training for your sport, make sure you are preparing your body for the rigor and stress that you will be feeling during competition. Push yourself and test your physical limits, by training with the same intensity that you play with during a game. By simulating game like intensity, athletes will feel less pressure during competition.

4) Practice Visualization: For 5 minutes before you go to bed, visualize a pressure situation and play it out in your head. Simulate that activity mentally (with you succeeding) to get your mindset ready for that event when you are actually in practice or competition. How do you handle it?

5) Practice Relaxation Techniques: Take deep breaths, picture yourself relaxed, or take a step back. Use these techniques in order to help calm you down during times of stress.

6) Practice Psyching Yourself Up: When training practice self-motivation and positive self-encouragement. Psych yourself up by allowing positive energy to guide your performance.