We all have that one mentor that has changed the way we view the game. Who is that person for you? A coach, fellow athlete, trainer, etc? We asked some of our soccer coaches who their person is, enjoy!


Nicholas Petrucelli: Director of Operations for Women’s Soccer at University of Miami.

Maryn Beutler: Director of Operations for Women’s Soccer at University of Oregon.

Van Taylor: Former Men’s Head Soccer Coach & current Director of Development at Lander University.

Kevin Doyle: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at the United States Air Force Academy

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Nicholas Petrucelli

Nick says he has had a few coaching mentors including the head coach at SMU - Kevin Hudson, who he has played for. Nick says that Kevin was a very strict coach which was exactly what he needed as a growing player. Nick also says he had a high school coach who also influenced him greatly. 

Maryn Beutler

Maryn says she has been lucky enough to have quite a few mentors, but her most influential mentor would be Kat Mertz. Maryn says that Kat Mertz has been someone she has always really looked up to and admired. 

Van Taylor

Taylor states that many coaches have had an impact on him throughout his time playing, but he believes it was his youth coach who had the most significant impact on him. Taylor says that this team was full of amazing players and Mannford, their coach, was the reason for that. This coach not only shaped Taylor as the coach he is today, but also as a person. 

Kevin Doyle

Kevin says that there was a coach he worked with early on in his coaching career who he really admires. Kevin says that the players that have played with him and the people he has worked with feel a very deep connection with him. Kevin says that this coach changed his approach to leadership and was very influential to him. 

No matter who that mentor figure was in your life, they have had a positive impact on how you view the game. 

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