The NHL playoffs have begun, and are moving along at quite an exciting clip.  We have seen series that have gone to game seven, and some that have been shorter, but all have been incredibly competitive as always.  One game that jumps to mind when it comes to the mental game that we strive to teach here is Game 5 of the Blackhawks vs. Predators series.

In what was an incredibly riveting game, the Blackhawks jumped out to a 3-1 lead early in the second period.  Most fans were happy, and thought the Blackhawks could wrap the game up easily.  Then came the storm that was the Nashville Predators; half way through the third period the Predators had stormed back to tie the game as well as take a 4-3 lead.

Mentally how do the Blackhawks respond?  When something like this happens players begin to think, “how could this happen to us?” and begin to hang there heads low.  The Blackhawks began to make mistakes, Marian Hossa receives a 5-minute major for boarding.  With the Blackhawks on the Penalty kill, they have to buckle down mentally, and play the best five minutes of defense they can.  Because of there strong mental game they were not only able to kill the first minute of the penalty, but score the game tying goal to take the game to overtime.

With the Predators still on the power play, the Blackhawks had almost 4 minutes of penalty time to kill, and that is exactly what they did.  With Marian Hossa being out of the penalty box for only seconds the Blackhawks make a play and Marian Hossa is there to put home the game winner.  This game makes it clear how important the mental game is.  The Blackhawks were able to clear there minds of mistakes made, and make plays to win a momentum changing game.

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