May 25, 2016 — We are excited to announce a special guest for EXACT’s Academic 50 ID Camp, powered by adidas, this summer!


B Scurry Goalie Stance2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion Briana Scurry will be joining EXACT at the Academic 50 ID Camps in Southern California (June 30-July 2), Connecticut (July 21-23), Dallas (July 25-27), and Chicago (July 28-30).


With an integral role on the team that set the standard for women’s professional soccer and touting a record 173 international appearances, Briana Scurry is widely recognized as one of the world’s best female soccer goalkeepers ever and a consummate motivator.


In addition to the 50 college coaches at the Academic 50 ID Camp, players attending the Academic 50 ID Camp will have an opportunity to meet Bri, ask questions and get autographs, as well as hear her stories of perseverance in the face of obstacles and the success she achieved on the world stage.


Bri is brought to you by our friends at Unequal Technologies, a leader in protective headgear for athletes and makers of the Unequal Halo soccer headband.


Roster spots are still available for 8th – 12th grade soccer players. For more info on how you can register for the adidas Academic 50 ID Camp and meet Bri, check out the events she will be attending (click below).



EXACT Sports formed an official partnership with Unequal Technologies in May of 2016. The new partnership brings together two companies committed to the development and protection of the most important aspect of athletic success, YOUR MIND! Briana Scurry is a spokesperson for Unequal Technologies, raising awareness of the importance of protecting your brain during competition. Introduced in January of 2015, the Unequal Halo has become the fastest growing brand of soccer head protection in the country.


Green logoThis alliance brings together an essential piece of performance protection that lowers the risk of injury so athletes can spend more time applying EXACT techniques and less time watching from the sidelines.


For more information about Bri’s work with Unequal and the Halo headband, check out this video.