Spring Training is upon us and our favorite teams head to Florida or Arizona as a sure sign that spring is coming. Baseball players at other levels are preparing for their seasons. Somewhere in the back of their minds are thoughts of playing at the next level, and the question “How do I get there?” isn’t that far away.

In an age where a team may be scouting both a high school and a college baseball stand-out, it’s hard to get noticed, especially in the Midwest. The baseball season is often rain-delayed. And it’s March, so it’s cold and dreary.

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Luckily, hundreds of colleges and baseball schools across the country offer baseball showcase camps. And, surprise, you’re going to a camp. Now the question is raised:  “how do I prepare?”
If the camp is between seasons, make sure you are at your physical and mental best. If you’re a hitter, take time in an indoor batting cage. Most urban areas will have this. If you’re a pitcher or fielder, keep your arm warm. And most importantly, keep your brain active. EXACT has the tools to keep you mentally prepared for a baseball showcase.
While camps are a great way to expose yourself to colleges and pro teams alike, you won’t get a scholarship or a contract at that camp. Don’t go in expecting one. What you can get is an honest opinion from someone who has never seen you before. This is a unique opportunity because your own coaches and the coaches in your conference have been watching you for years. They know what you have. Think of it as going to another doctor for a second opinion.
Make sure the camp is fit for you. There are hundreds of websites to help you find a camp.  A good source to find out the questions to ask can be found at http://www.hsbaseballweb.com/showcase/about_college_camps.htm.
No matter how good you may be as a player, at these camps, there is bound to be someone better. Be prepared for a new level of competition that will drive you to a different level of your game. That aside, be sure to go out there, show your skills, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You’ll notice you play better when you do.