At EXACT Sports, we work with thousands of current college soccer players as well as high school players that are aspiring to join their ranks.  A common question we get from players is “What is it like joining a college soccer team?”.  As a former scholarship college soccer player with a brother, David, that is now in the same position I was 4 years ago, I thought I’d share some details on both the joy and anxiety he is feeling. Please read the thoughts, feelings, and questions that my brother and the many other high school seniors are feeling as they graduate from high school and move on to the next stage in sports and life.


The big weekend is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited to have my college orientation.  Not only will I will be able to meet many future classmates of mine, but I will also be able to meet the entire Men’s Soccer team for the 2010 season.  I will have the opportunity to meet several faculty professors and faculty members, take a campus-wide tour, eat in the cafeteria, sleep in the freshman dorm, and learn about what classes I will be taking.  I am very excited to meet a variety of people and hopefully some who will be some of my best friends for many years to come.*************

This article is the first of many articles to be written about “College Athlete Life”.  We hope to hear your own experiences, questions, and challenges as  well.

I have to admit though I am nervous about meeting the entire soccer for the first time.  Will I have good chemistry with all the players on and off the field?  What if some of the players don’t seem to like me, will I become isolated from the team?  I have been assigned a random roommate who is also a soccer recruit, what if we do not have matching personalities making living with him unbearable?  Not to mention the biggest question of all is whether I will mesh with the new Head Coach that was hired?  The coach who recruited me unexpectedly took a new job, and I am yet to meet the new coach that has been hired.  I have had several great phone conversations with him, so I’m hoping it will be the start of a very successful relationship.  All in all, despite the many unanswered questions I couldn’t be more excited about my college orientation, and stay tuned for hopefully some positive experiences to share with everyone.