Benefits of both beach and indoor volleyball, what do you think? Do you prefer one over the other, and if you could only play one type for the rest of your life, which would it be? Check out what our two coaches have to say about this hot topic!


Rico Guimaraes: Head Coach (Boys National Head Coach U17) at USA Beach Volleyball (High Performance).

Jordan Willis: Head Coach of Women’s Volleyball at Otero Junior College.

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Rico Guimaraes

Coach Rico tells us how the basic fundamentals of volleyball are the same between the two sports, but that beach volleyball requires you to be more of a complete player. He also says that the higher level you play in each, the more you notice the differences. He goes on to encourage indoor players to play beach volleyball if they can, as he believes it will help make you a more well-rounded player. 

Jordan Willis

Jordan says that it's a hard question because he loves both, but right now he is really enjoying the beach game. Jordan also talks about one of his friends who has a few beach courts and how he loves to play there. He also talks about how he does love the indoor game. 

While both beach and indoor volleyball require great strength and skills, they both are great sports. Overlapping within structure and skills, there are some distinct differences as you compete at a higher level.

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