Charity work is one of the best ways to give back to those in need. It helps not only improve lives, but possibly changing peoples lives for the better. So, how do our coaches engage with charity work? Listen to our coaches talk about their inspirational stories, you won't want to miss it!


Telmo Dantes: Technical Director at Rockdale Youth Soccer Association (RYSA) located in Conyers, GA.

Jeff Oleck: Associate Director of Goalkeeping at Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC) located in Aurora, CO.

Linda Snyder: Owner/Club Director at Energy VBC located in Niles, IL.

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Telmo Dantes: Dantes House Project.

Telmo talks about his non-profit organization called "Dantes House Project" that donates soccer equipment to kids in need located in West Africa. Dantes home town is a small village within West Africa, and he came up with this idea to donate anything from cleats, soccer balls, uniforms, t-shirts, shorts, socks - really anything that would be beneficial to the kids in his hometown playing soccer. 

Growing up, Dantes played soccer barefoot on a cement ground, and he wants to change this for the kids in his village. He has friends that professionally played soccer, and are now retired voluntarily coaching these kids every week. The first trip they made, they were able to donate about 150 cleats, over 200 uniforms, and over 100 soccer balls within their first trip. They are a growing non-profit organization, and plan to expand to more villages, along with shipping all of their donations too. 

Jeff Oleck: Field of Dreams Uganda.

Jeff learned about the Field of Dreams organization in 2009 while assisting at Valparaiso University through a charity game they hosted each year. After being a part of the game and seeing the impact it had on the organization, he wanted to become more involved. Since then, Jeff then served on their board of directors for 5 years, and has made 2 mission trips to Uganda. 

Linda Snyder:  Fundraising (USO).

Coach Snyder discusses how her club’s fundraising with USO hits close to home as it combines her passion for volleyball along with her patriotism pride she has in her country. She also describes how this event helps bring a tremendous amount of unity to the players and families. 

Listening to our coaches stories leaves us feeling inspirational and motivated to give back to those in need. The idea of using the athletic world as an asset to giving back, is a heartwarming feeling within itself.  

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