Would you rather play your sport in 30 or 100 degrees?? We asked top college coaches from around the nation which extreme weather they would rather coach in. Weather plays a large role in choosing the school you plan on going to in the recruiting process. If you really aren't a fan of playing in the cold, maybe Minnesota isn't the right spot for you! We have put a small snippet fo the coach responses and their interview down below for you to view. Enjoy!


Tim Lenahan: Head Men's Soccer Coach at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. 

Brian Wright: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at Occidental College near Los Angeles, California. 

Dan Klinect: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach with Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Tim Lenahan: Tim says if there is no wind, then 30 degrees is okay with him. However, if there is wind then he would take the heat over the cold. As a player he says he loved playing in the heat but as a coach he would typically take the cold.

Brian Wright: Brian tells that growing up in southern California his whole life his initial reaction is to say he always prefers the sun. However, when asked this question he says he would have to pick the 30 degree weather because of how exhausting playing in 100 degrees is.

Dan Klinect: Dan says that as a player and a coach he prefers the colder weather. Dan says when it gets too hot outside it becomes too hard for players to breath. 

As you can see from the coaches, they all have their own unique reasons to why they would pick a certain climate over the other. As stated before, this is something to take into consideration when picking a University to attend as well as factoring into the decision of the coaches on if certain players will perform the same in different climates. 

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