College coaches have a story to tell just like the rest of us. Where they've been, how they got there, and how they landed the job of coaching at their respective Universities. We interviewed top college coaches from around the nation to find out how they got to their current coaching positions and the steps through their career that led them there. We put the coach interviews down below with a small blurb of what they had to say. 


Kevin Moore: Northwestern University Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach

Melanie Greene: San Diego State University Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach

Bobby Muuss: Wake Forest  University Men's Soccer Head Coach

Jeff Freeman: University of Illinois women's Soccer Associate Head coach

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Kevin Moore: As with many coaches, Kevin started out as a teacher at a high school and then got into coaching boys HS volleyball which led him to coaching club. From there he continued to learn and understand the game from great coaches and was able to move to USA volleyball and coaching college. He went from George Mason to Juniata to Loyola Chicago to Northwestern and what a journey it’s been!

Melanie Greene: Melanie shares how she was inspired by her father and his coaching career and that started her on the path coaching.  She training younger athlete and really found her passion in working with college aged athletes to help them during that time of their life.

Bobby Muuss: Coach Muuss shares his coaching background with us and how he got a lot of experience with every program he’s been a part of and the coaches that he’s worked with throughout his career.  He shares his experiences starting at UConn and how he has come back to Wake Forest after being an assistant years prior.

Jeff Freeman: Coach Freeman got his coaching start at the JV high school girls level. He was a senior in college and got the opportunity to teach some HS girls and shares a fun story about his first experience with coaching. Because Jeff was a teacher, he was able to keep coaching after college and shares how he made his way into the collegiate game.

Athletes usually wonder how coaches got to the positions they hold with their respective Universities. This is great insight on how these coaches ended up where they are and it provides a first hand look for athletes to see what their future could hold as a potential future coach in the making. 

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