Where is your favorite place to play at, or coach? As an athlete and/or coach, we all have that one place where the atmosphere beats any other place to play/coach at. It brings feelings unmatched anywhere else, nor can be replicated. See where our coaches favorite places are to play or coach at! 


Nick Petrucelli: Director of Operations for the Women’s Soccer Team at University of Miami.

Maryn Buetler: Director of Operations for the Women’s Soccer Team at University of Oregon.

Van Taylor: Former Men’s Head Soccer Coach and current Director of Development at Lander University.

Kevin Doyle: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at the United States Air Force Academy.

Ernie Yarborough: Boys DA Coach at Indiana Fire Jrs.

Mark Thomas: Executive Director at Penn Fusion Soccer Academy.

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Nick Petrucelli

Nick lists a few fields that he enjoys playing and/or coaching at such as: Notre Dame and SMU. Nick also talks about some games he’s watched that have had a great atmosphere around them. 

Maryn Buetler

When asked this question, Maryn says there is two places that come to mind: Stanford and having the opportunity to play at Hawaii. Maryn says both of these places were incredible atmospheres to play in, out of all the arenas she's played at. 

Van Taylor

Van lists a few experiences that have been 'stand out' moments for him, including: winning the state championship in high school, going to the final four in college, and playing professionally at the Yankee Stadium in 1976 against the New York Cosmos. As far as coaching, when Van's team went to the final four in the NAI in 1990, that was a very memorable moment. 

Kevin Doyle

Kevin says he has coached at a few places like Creighton and Grand Canyon where the schools do not have football, so in the fall, men’s soccer was a very big deal. The games always drew in a big crowd. He says the most memorable moment was probably during his time at Air Force when Army West Point came to Air Force to play. They ended up winning the game in overtime. 

Ernie Yarborough

Ernie’s favorite atmosphere was the 1994 NCAA National Championship in Davidson, NC. He talks about how the whole town amped up the experience. He still to this day is able to recall the sensations he experienced that day. 

Mark Thomas

Coach Thomas’ coolest atmosphere he’s ever played in was with the Welsh YNT in the Youth World Cup in Paris, right by the Eiffel Tower. As a coach, his coolest atmosphere was various matches in the USYS National League.

Having that one place to look forward to playing/coaching at, brings nothing but positive and thrilling feelings. Whether it's a competitors field, or your home arena, it's normally the place we bring our absolute 'A-Game' to.

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