What should athletes expect when if comes to the differences between each college divisions play? Which division is right for you? We asked each of our basketball and soccer coaches about their experience in their respective divisions, along with their perspective/advice for athletes. Enjoy!


Tim Kisner: Head Men's Basketball Coach at Oklahoma City University.

Brendan Bourdage: Associate Head Men's Soccer Coach at William & Mary Men's Soccer.

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Tim Kisner

Coach Kisner believes that the biggest difference between NAIA and Division I is simply the raw athletic ability of the student-athletes. For athletes, he recommends that they visit each college they are thinking about, and seeing what feels like more of a fit. As an athlete, do not go into the process close minded, thinking one division is the right fit - it's about the college, not what division they are in.

Brendan Bourdage

Coach Brendan believes that raw athletic ability is the biggest difference between NCAA levels and that technical and skill level can often be comparable. He also states that the time commitment difference is about the biggest difference, as D1 requires much more off-season and self-motivated work. 

Each college division has their own differences, and it's all about finding which one is right for each particular athlete. Open-mindedness is the key to this process!

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