Competition is not what it used to be in regards to intercollegiate recruiting. With all the media outlets available to high school athletes, a talented player may be overlooked for someone who can edit a YouTube video and throw some music behind it. Unfortunately, for high school athletes raw talent may not be enough to get the kind of exposure to potential college programs that you are looking for. This isn’t to say you need to create a social media campaign, but high school athletes with a desire to take his or her athletic career to the next level should always look for an advantage. Competitive athletic camps like our EXACT National Player Development Camps give dedicated soccer, baseball, and hockey players that edge.

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Attending intensive camps is not a revolutionary idea. For example, in ancient Greek society parents often sent their children to military based recreation camps to give them a leg up on other future Spartan soldiers. The problem is; athletic intensive camps are occasionally overlooked resources.

Like I stated before; it is all too common for an athlete with Division I talent to not get the exposure he or she deserves, and slips through the cracks. This could cause the loss of a better education, missed scholarships, and missed opportunities to develop your game at the highest level. If you are serious player or you are the parent of a serious player looking to play at the next level, you owe yourself these opportunities. 

So what do all competitive athletic camps have to offer?

All of them provide the opportunity to learn and practice new skills to transform your game.  Like any other student, many would argue that you are never done learning. That is the same for sports. For example; even Tiger Woods gets coached. Also, some camps offer a unique opportunity for exposure that a lot of athletes may not get otherwise.

So what does EXACT National College Development Clinic (NCDC)?

In short: All of the above and more. Not only does EXACT NCDC offer you all the physical training you need to take your game to the next level, but it also offers unique MENTAL training too. Being a sports psychology based company, EXACT provides training with the same psychological tools that the pros use. Imagine the difference that anxiety management, improved confidence, goal setting, unparalleled motivation can bring to your game. These are things scouts look for apart from physical talent.

You also get another valuable resource: exposure. This doesn’t just mean exposure for scouting purposes, but rather a unique exposure to college-level methods of development. EXACT Sports works with the top athletic programs at the Division I, II, and III levels. The coaches we work with are the coaches at the camp, giving you direct exposure and the ability to learn directly from the people recruiting you. Here’s an abbreviated list of the Soccer, Baseball, and Hockey programs who coach our camps:

                University of North Carolina

                University of Texas

                University of Miami

                Oklahoma State University

                Marquette University

                University of Arizona

                University of Utah

                University of Wisconsin

                Indiana University

                And many more…

Where else are you going to experience this type of exposure AT THE SAME TIME? Now let me clearly state these are not recruiting events. However, in the EXACT Sports network, coaches talk, and players looking for more exposure may open a valuable doorway to the future.

But what does the research say? Well, in a recent study by Georgia Hinman PhD she found out just how valuable these camps are.

“46% of D1 athletes attended exposure camps and 88% found it useful.  Same thing at the D3 level as well with 32% attending and 94% finding it useful.   While it is very important to attend camps, there are a options that need to be considered when selecting camps including coach to player ratio, quality of the instructors, mission & quality of the training, costs involved and other factors.  With approximately 64% of D1 players attending 4 or more youth camps, it could possibly be attributed to the amount of training and exposure the athletes were given (28% attended 10 or more)”

 The EXACT goal is to provide not only a well-structured training experience, but to also provide a strong 'value' from unique mental development and exposure to many programs at once.

The key for all players looking to play intercollegiate sports and beyond is to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible. EXACT Sports NCDC provides an unbelievable ‘bang for your buck.’ Take it from a former player; even if you are unable to attend our camp do not overlook other competitive exposure camps that will give you that leg up. They may just be the most valuable resource available.