EXACT Sports’ camps provide a tremendous opportunity for young players who are looking to develop the mental and physical sides of their games.  The 5:1 player to coach ratio allows for a personal development opportunity not seen at many other camps.  For players and parents who have attended our camps in the past, we would love to hear your insight on your camp experience.  Please feel free to post below so future campers can learn about the opportunities an EXACT Sports’ camp provides…

CURRENT Players & Parents: Please share your experience at the EXACT National Player Development Camp (e.g. why you attended, likes/dislikes…)

INTERESTED Parents & Players: Have a question for someone who attended a past camp?  Ask your questions of other parents here.

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12 Responses to “Discussion Forum: For Parents & Players”

  1. Doris Robertson


    EXACT baseball in Dallas was a fulfilling experience that changed my son’s outlook on baseball. The coach interaction was tremendous and the camp staff offered great insight into the mental side of baseball

  2. Michael McSpadden


    The camp at University of Dallas was informative and practical. The feedback and coach discussions with parents to better understand what a coach looks for was valuable.

    While most teenagers hate testing in general, the mental aspect really helped my son see where he is at mentally. While not agreeing with comments good and bad it provided some feedback to consider.

    For seniors, like my son, it gave him exposure and insight into what coaches look for in a player so do this camp earlier and be better prepared for next level baseball.

    Thanks to Trey Combs at DBat Mansfield for letting us know about this camp. Thanks to Exact Sports for a well done progeam.

  3. Becky Flores


    Honestly, EXACT Sports hosted one of the best baseball camps I have ever seen. The mental training was unlike anything my son had experienced. The coaches on hand were also very helpful and willing to approach the kids and parents alike.

  4. Kay38lea


    We just attended this camp in Dallas, It was awesome and our son is already getting invitations to other colleges. It was also educational for all of us. Our child came away with more knowledge of the game and we came away learning things that we did not know. The organization of the camp was great and everyone was so………friendly!! love it and looking forward to going to another one!

    Mr. and Mrs Danzy

  5. Ed Crosby


    EXACT Sports put on a superior soccer camp in McCook, Illinois. The coaches were top-of-the-line and offered great help to the girls. It was a honor for my daughter to have the chance to work with Janet Rayfield of Illinois. Rayfield, along with the other coaches, were very personable and fun throughout camp. I will definitely be sending my daughter to the next EXACT soccer camp in Chicago.

  6. Todd Huddleston


    Excellent soccer camp in McCook, Illinois. Can’t say enough about the coaches and the information both my son and I came away with. The camp was truly well worth the investment. Only thing I would like to see improved is the itinerary. Several typos and mistakes that led to some confusion for parents as to when there would be time with the coaches and when we were supposed to be there to observe. Otherwise, excellent camp!

  7. Srivera3895


    My daughter loved the camp and we did too. As parents, we received a lot of helpful “recruiting” basics and some good insight into college recruiting.

  8. Shina Beverly


    My son attended the camp in Miami and it was outstanding! Overall management was impressive and coaches went the extra mile in working with my son. This two day camp is well worth the money. The experience for the players and parents was nothing like we have never experienced

  9. garciafamily_64


    My family drove down from Atlanta to attend the soccer camp in Miami. It was the first experience we have had in training mental traits. The info was helpful and should be accessible in other avenues for soccer players. I will be interested to when the next camp comes to Georgia

  10. Karen De La Rosa


    My son attending your camp over the weekend and I must tell you
    that it was an amazing experience for both of us.  I was very
    impressed with the one on one contact with the coaches representing


    This camp has opened my son’s eyes to all the talented ball players
    that are competing for baseball positions within the organizations.  He
    was given guidance to improve his performance on the field as well as
    in the classroom.  I am so glad we were able to take part in this camp,
    again it was an amazing experience. 


    Also, the attention given to the parents on understanding the
    process and knowing what to expect was an eye opener to us.  I truly
    look forward to the next one and cannot wait to see how my son has
    improved on the field.  He is also working on improving his GPA,
    like you mentioned it about their transcripts not how fast they can


    Thank you for the wonderful insight and we look forward to future camps with ExactSports.

    Karen De La Rosa

  11. Xxsoccerluver14


    i am thinking of going to the girls soccer camp in NC over the summer. Can anyone give me their reaction on the soccer camps exact sports has? Will it be worth my daughter going?…. She is A goalkeeper


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