iSoccer, a grassroots movement for player development, has teamed with EXACT Sports, the premier soccer camp organization in the country, to foster development of student soccer players, to improve their technical ability and to develop a standardized soccer assessment at their training camp. To learn more about the 8 EXACT events being held throughout the country, visit

June 6, 2012 – iSoccer’s ability to motivate players and raise the level of their game through technical training teams perfectly with EXACT Sports, a company that works with top youth, college, and professional athletes developing their mental approach to performance. The partnership merges the best of both worlds – iSoccer’s objective technical assessments with EXACT’s player evaluations. Soccer players come away with more clarity regarding how to best achieve their potential after an EXACT/iSoccer training camp.

“iSoccer helps players train smarter by using a measure-improve-reward training methodology that efficiently improves a soccer player’s technical ability by highlighting strengths and weaknesses”, said Scott Leber, founder and CEO of iSoccer.  Sam Morgan, leader for the EXACT Elite Prospect Camp, said that players who attend, train on the field with college coaches and come away with a “scientifically-supported toolkit that links mental performance with quality coaching and on-field success.”

The EXACT Elite Prospect Camp has already received high accolades from players and parents. When players were asked about the EXACT camp, 99 percent said they would consider coming to a future camp, and 87 percent said they would definitely sign up again. Parents were just as positive, with 98 percent saying they would consider sending their child to a future camp.

Both iSoccer and EXACT Sports believe in raising the level of the soccer game “one player at a time.” iSoccer does so on the technical side by working with individual players on skill development. EXACT does so by measuring the intangibles, such as how a player views himself, how a player reacts to stress, how motivated a player is and how receptive a player is to coaching. “iSoccer is all about getting better, having fun and feeling a sense of achievement,” said Leber. “The addition of iSoccer’s world-class training activity to EXACT’s Elite Prospect Camp makes our already successful exposure camp even better,” said Morgan.

About EXACT Sports

EXACT Sports, founded in 1997, provides a comprehensive understanding of the athlete so that all stakeholders in development – the athlete, coach and parent – are armed with tools to improve the athlete’s performance. EXACT is best known for tools that provide objective feedback to coaches on athlete behavior. Read more at

About iSoccer

Since 2010, iSoccer has collected over 600,000 assessment results from more than 125 countries, and that number is growing steadily. The iSoccer team is composed of former professional soccer players, coaches of all levels, technology executives, Stanford engineers and experienced investors. The mission is “To Raise the Level of the Game, One Player at a Time.”