I don’t know if you have all seen the new IBM ad campaign, but it is worth checking out. It’s called “Data Anthem” and the campaign’s tag line is “Let’s Build a Smarter Planet”:



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I couldn't agree more with this video from IBM. Sometimes coaches ask what exactly we do here at EXACT Sports.  We are about information.  We are about the consistent collection of objective information that helps you solve your problems.

EXACT Sports currently works with DC United and CASL in the US Development Academy.  They believe in building a smarter team.  Data exists throughout their organization and they've committed to collecting it.  Analyzing it.  Understanding it.  So they can build a smarter team for future generations to benefit from.  Think about it.  Every little piece of the puzzle we expose helps us see that picture a little bit better.  It goes from fuzzy to focused.  It's in the details.

I was speaking to Michael Milazzo at CASL the other day.  We discussed the deal they signed with Chelsea, the vision he had of CASL over the next ten years.  "In the last 10 years we've created a club culture at CASL that provides athletes in our program the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, in the next ten, we want a club that creates athletes who can play at the pro level".

Here's another one you've probably seen.  You could say it's CASL's long term vision in 17 seconds:


I think IBM's mission to build a smarter planet goes a long way to describing what CASL is really investing in.  Because building a smarter team takes time, data, and the ability to understand that data and apply it to future goals.

I get really excited by these ideas.  I could blog forever about that mission, and probably will so bear with me. Here's another insight from a different IBM advertisement: The organizations that are most competitive are going to be the one's that can make sense of what they learn as fast as they learn it. Every group we work with has this opportunity. EXACT is a tool that unleashes this power for the organizations it works with. Whether it be at the professional level, such as the NHL, at the college level with UNC, the youth level with CASL, or the personal level with each athlete, information is our most powerful tool in guiding future success.

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