Are players able to do other extracurriculars while playing sports for their college?Extracurriculars such as: fraternities/sororities, band, chorus, debate team, etc. We asked our two college volleyball coaches about their perspective, enjoy!


Jordan Willis: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Otero Junior College. 

Joe Herrera: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Point University.

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Jordan Willis

Jordan says as a coach, he wants his players to be well-rounded people. He encourages his athletes to get involved with many things outside of volleyball, as long as they can manage everything. He believes that players going out and getting involved with other things helps to create a healthy team. 

Joe Herrera

Joe says that at Point there are not a lot of sororities/greek life, but they are able to get involved with other extracurricular activities and have jobs. He believes it is important for athletes to get involved in other things besides just volleyball, but to not try and do to much to the point where an athlete can't manage it all at once.  

As long as an athlete can manage everything they want to be involved in, do it! College is all about trying out new things, so join a club/organization if you feel passionate about it.

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