What is your favorite baseball era? If you could go back in time to watch a game, which era would it be? Blake Beemer and Mike Ramazzotti tell us a little bit about their favorite eras and why, enjoy!


Blake Beemer: Assistant Men's Baseball Coach at Ball State University.

Michael Ramazzotti: Assistant Men's Baseball Coach at UC San Diego Baseball.

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Blake Beemer

Coach Beemer says he believes Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson were the best era in baseball. He believes that the whole era in the 50's with Jackie Robinson, Ted Smith, and Willie Mays with the stories they all had, made watching baseball that much better. Blake also mentions how awesome it would be to see Babe Ruth in his prime as well. As a Red's fan, he would also like to see them tear it up in the 70's. Overall, there are many great eras throughout the decades that have created baseball into the game it is today.

Michael Ramazzotti

Coach Mike believes the 1998 home Run Chase saved baseball, regardless of the steroid allegations and what people had to say about it. He also believes that today’s generation of baseball is the best it’s ever been. Today's generation of baseball is the best it's ever been due to evolving technology, the great depth of understanding baseball players have for it, and the adaptation. 

No matter what era you chose, it is no secret that there are many great baseball eras in the books.

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