Where is your favorite place to play? Is is your home gym, an arena, or an opponents gym? Which ever it is, we all know as an athlete and a coach, we bring our 'A Game' due to the atmosphere it brings. Check out what our coaches have to say about their favorite place to play. Enjoy!


Rosanna Sguerra: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Denison University. 

Paul Dill: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Demetria Keys-Johnson: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Grambling State University

Richie Gomes: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Providence College.

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Rosanna Sguerra

Rosanna says her favorite gym to play at is the Wittenberg gym. Wittenberg has been at the top of their conference for around ten years now, and Rosanna says they always draw in a great crowd. She says there is always something special about entering an arena that has so many people in the stands. 

Paul Dill

Paul would have to say his home gym at MIT. Not because it is an amazing gym, but because he has been coaching there for over forty seasons. He has a soft spot for the crowd they draw in and the atmosphere it brings - nothing beats it. 

Demetria Keys-Johnson

Demetria does not necessarily have a favorite place to play, but she can think of two gyms she enjoys playing at: TCU in Texas and North Texas. She says she likes these two places due to their close knit environments, as the crowd is right by the court. 

Richie Gomes

Richie says his favorite place to play at would have to be the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) facility. Richie says he really likes to play in historic and vintage gyms, and the history UPenn has along with the size of the arena, doesn't compare to other gyms.

As an athlete and coach, there's always one place that stands out from the rest when it comes to game time. Whether it's your home gym, or an opposing gym, it brings a feeling that can't be replicated elsewhere. 

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