Having a solid goalkeeper can make or break a team's success. No-matter how good everyone else is on the team, having a great goalkeeper improves the team's chances of winning and being more successful exponentially. Goalkeeper is also one of, if not the most difficult positions in soccer. Rising soccer goalkeepers are always looking for an edge they can get from a college coach or professional in the soccer world and that's why we interviewed 3 top goalkeeping directors from around the country so they can give you their tips! 

We each of their interviews down below along with a snippet of what they had to say. Enjoy!       **Videos Below


Jeff Oleck: Associate Director of Goalkeeping for the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC).

Ashley Kaufman: Assistant Goalkeeper Director for International (Inter) Connecticut FC, located in Norwalk, CT - located in Southern Connecticut.

Ernie Yarborough: DA goalkeeper Coach for the Indiana Fire Juniors.

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Jeff Oleck: Jeff talks about how his club manages the large numbers of goalkeepers within their system and how it is important to keep a personal setting. We also discuss how the development for goalkeepers is longer than a normal player, and how it is important to trust the process.

Ashley Kaufman: Ashley gives her advice to goalkeepers that are in a large club system and how to take advantage of the limited opportunities they may have. She also stresses the importance of interacting with coaches away from the field and being proactive with their training.

Ernie Yarborough: Ernie discussed the importance of having a presence as a goalkeeper. This comes in the form of communication on the field with your teammates and with the coaches off the field. As a goalkeeper, you should be active in your position and be always letting your teammates know you are there for them to help the team win.

As you can hear from the directors, goalkeeping is more than just stopping the ball, but regulating the team as a whole and being a field general. If you have any specific goalkeeper questions you'd like to hear, let us know in our instagram inbox @exactsports! 

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