The infamous question: how do college athletes manage their time when school is in session? Between practice, games, tournaments, and classes, it's a lot to juggle at once. We asked our coaches what their athletes have to do in order to manage their time and get everything done. Enjoy!


Brian Plotki: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at Notre Dame.

Justin Wright: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at University of California - Davis.

Josie Rix: Assistant Women's Soccer Coach at Samford University.

Tim Kisner: Head Men's Basketball Coach at Oklahoma City University.

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Brian Plotkin

Brian believes that one of the best parts of being a college athlete is the amount of resources that are available to athletes once they get on campus. Brian says most schools offer academic advisors to help student athletes, free or low cost tutoring, and the ability to choose your classes first. 

Justin Wright

Justin says that there are a lot of resources available for student athletes such as: priority class registration and free tutoring. Justin says that he had a tutor for a few of his classes and found them helped a lot. He also talks about having academic advisors and how they can help student athletes. 

Josie Rix

Coach Rix talks about how different programs will utilize their time in different ways, especially in the off-season. She encourages athletes to prioritize sleep and to try and multi-task bus rides and homework rather than staying up all night studying. 

Tim Kisner

Coach Kisner talks about how OCU has mandatory study tables on the road, as well as pairing upper-classmen with lower-classmen to help guide them through challenging coursework. He finds this to be super beneficial for freshman and sophomore's still learning the ropes of time management in college. 

With the right mentors to help student athletes, comes great time management. A skill that will help them beyond college as well.

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