Are you serious about playing your sport and want to compete at the next level?  Or maybe you’re even looking for a scholarship to play in college?  That’s easier said than done.


Free Guide: The Perfect Email for Recruiting

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First things first, you need to be noticed by a college coach. But how do you get noticed? With nearly 500,000 other athletes in your sport competing for the same thing you are, how do you differentiate yourself? Why should a college choose YOU?

Here are a few other things you can do to make sure you get seen by college coaches:

  • Email coaches you are interested in
      • Introduce yourself (full name, high school, club team, position, etc.)
      • Attach highlight video/stats
      • Proofread (grammar, spelling, professionalism)
      • Send before tournaments or camps and include schedule
  • Show passion for your sport
      • Always, Always HUSTLE (games, practices, warm-ups)
      • Hustling shows EFFORT (coaches love it!)
      • Be loud and enthusiastic
      • Demonstrate leadership
      • Respect your teammates and opponents
  • Have a good mental approach
      • Be aggressive
      • Do not be afraid to fail
      • Be coachable and open to trying to new things
      • Show them you are a team player
  • Get yourself out there
      • Attend college exposure camps (EXACT Soccer and EXACT Baseball hosts great camps with the opportunity for college exposure, physical and mental training!)
      • Attend college camps run by the college programs themselves
      • Join a competitive team
      • Play in college exposure tournaments
      • Make a highlight video to send to coaches
  • Represent yourself well
      • Get good grades in high school
      • Always look presentable (tuck in your shirt!)
      • Arrive on time to camp
      • Have a positive attitude
      • Be respectful to your parents
  • Approach a coach face-to-face
    • It shows confidence and maturity
    • Ask a question, make small talk, or thank them for their time at camp
    • Have good eye contact and firm handshake
    • Use appropriate language (be professional)

If you follow these few pointers and continue to work hard, you will surely be on your way to getting noticed by college coaches.  Remember, it is never too early to start being noticed by colleges. Hustling, getting good grades, and having the right attitude start now!  And if you don't see results right away, get creative with your approach. If you want it bad enough, then you can make it happen!