What Is A Baseball Highlight Video

This week we will be talking about how to make a baseball highlight video. A
baseball highlight video is a great resource for high school players to send to college
coaches when they’re communicating with coaches across the United States. It allows
us college coaches to be able to get a feel for what type of player you’re before we
come watch a game or even have you visit campus. The biggest thing that we look for
when watching the video are what type of actions do you have in the field and what
does the swing look like. These videos just give us a small sample size of who you trulyare as a player.

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Keep Highlight Shorter in Length

Every coach is different when they’re watching videos, but typically we want to
keep these videos short because we don’t have time to sit down and watch a 20-minute
video as we get emails everyday with player videos and interest in our school. A
highlight video is shortened game clip that features your ability and talent.

These videos are essential because they save coaches time by permitting them to swiftly evaluate student-athletes. A skills video contains a sequence of limited measures separate of game footage. It is not mandatory for every position but can be a beneficial way to
validate to coaches your general capabilities and skill set I can’t stress this enough.

You typically have about a minute to attract their consideration. So, don’t manufacture up to a highlight or put them in order. Find your top plays that you will make that college
coach think wow I need to have this player part of our team or I need to find a way to
get him to visit campus to see what we’re all about.

Top Highlight Video Filming Tips

Some of the best tips for doing videos make sure that you get various game
footage during the season, so you have adequately of clips to pick from. Find a place to
capture where you have a distinct view of the whole outlook on the action, while being
as adjacent as you can. Keep your background noise to a minimum as it can be a
distraction at times to most coaches.

While it’s tough not to applaud for your student-
athlete, if you’re next to the video, your comprehensive is going to be collected up to the
noisiest and can disturb from the video. Keep your video simple as most coaches watch
these videos on their laptops or phones. The length of your video should be around 3-5

When sending your highlight video to coaches make sure you involve the
position coach and recruiting coordinator in the email, as at the Division1 level most
Head Coaches is mostly likely not going to evaluate your footage. Division 2-3, NAIA,
and JC/CC you want to make sure to include the head coach when sending your video
because they will make the first evaluation on you then they will pass it along to their
position coach to get a second option.

Sending Highlight Videos To Coaches

When you do send your video and you attach it in the email make sure that your email is brief and to the point so that the coach doesn’t have to read a book email to get to your video at the very bottom. Some things you need to take into consideration when taking video make sure that you don’t have any funk music playing over top of your video as college coaches can lose interest in you very fast. Make them feel like they’re actually at the ga mewatching you play. In the intro of your video it is always nice to see a picture of your face so that we can have the opportunity to see what you look like.

Cost Of A Good Highlight Video

You don’t need to spend any money on a video camera or even a video company
as you can make your own video for $0. This is important because cameras can be very
pricy. If you hire someone to do your video it can cost, you a lot money where you could
save that money and attend a college showcase. Take your game footage on your
phone, take footage when you attend a college showcase or camp. You also want to
make sure that you have these videos saved somewhere that you can access quick in
case a college coach does reach out to you through txt or phone call and request to
have your video send over asap.


Finally, make your video phone and take pride in making your video as this be a great
tool for you have to make you as a player standout from other players all around the world.Great videos could open up some great doors for you as a player where you might think that you don’t have a chance to play for that program and the coaching staff really likes the tools that you have to help their ball club. Be person with coaches because those truly show who you’re as a person and as a student-athlete.