The recruitment process looks a bit different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we wanted to ask our coaches what they look for in highlight videos! Whether it's at home, or editing old clips from a game, we have all the answers here! See what our coaches tips and tricks are when it comes to highlight videos. 


Nicholas Petrucelli: Director of Operations for the Women’s Soccer at University of Miami.

Maryn Beutler: Director of Operations for the Women’s Soccer at University of Oregon. 

Kevin Doyle: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at the United States Air Force Academy.

Van Taylor: Former Men’s Head Soccer Coach and Current Director of Development at Lander University.

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Nicholas Petrucelli

Nick says at University of Miami they are looking for a full game, not just highlight clips. He also reminds athletes the first few clips in the video are the most important - so make sure to put your best moments at the beginning. Nick also tells athletes that they need to be practicing at home everyday and remind coaches what they are doing to stay active during this time. 

Maryn Beutler

Maryn says that in addition to your highlight videos, their coaching staff would love to see what you’re doing right now to stay active. She also talks about what she looks for in highlight videos. She says that most coaches are looking for simple videos that showcase a players best skills and assets. 

Kevin Doyle

Kevin says that for a goalkeeper it will be a lot easier to create a highlight video from home. For example, he says athletes can have their friends strike balls at them and they can create videos from that and other training clips. Kevin says it's difficult for coaches to truly evaluate players until they have seen them play against other players. He encourages athletes to send old videos of themselves as well. 

Van Taylor

Van says he believes coaches will eventually want to see more than athletes just playing in their backyard, however, it could be a good starting point to grab a coaches attention. He also tells athletes that it's okay if they are sending videos from six months ago, just send what you have right now until a new opportunity arises.

From old video clips, to at home ones, there is no doubt athletes can still create great highlight videos. Coaches realize the current situation, and remind athletes to not get too stressed about it - this pandemic is out of everyone's control!

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