As we reach the middle of August, college coaches across the country are getting ready for the fall season.  You finally get to reap the rewards of the last 9 months of hard work.  Incoming Freshman get a chance to contribute, while newly crowned Seniors are challenged to lead.  Most importantly, competition is right around the corner, and for most of the coaches I know, that’s the best reward of all.

Here at EXACT, we’re excited to announce the release of our Online Mental Training Program on PrepHero.  Now, in addition to the Mental Achievement Program (EXACT’s behavioral assessment), you can sign your athletes up for mental training.  We cover everything from Goal Setting to Visualization, Self-Talk to Self-Study. The program starts by you setting an overall goal for the new season.  Athletes then complete short training courses introducing them to mental concepts and applying those concepts to your teams ultimate goal.  It’s an exciting and engaging program that will give your team direction and provide them with a framework to GO MENTAL!

As for the August eJournal, we’ve got a great set of contributions providing insights into various aspects of the mental game.  In “Effective Ways to Build Confidence,” Delice Coffey outlines some strategies athletes can use to get to the next level of game play by being confident. Joe Weber’s “The Effects of Over-Thinking in Sports” serves as a great guide on how to maintain focused throughout practice and games.

Sandy Graham brought us “Mental Skills and Toughness,” which is a perfect outline of the definition of mental skills and why athletes should be working on them.  And for those looking to read about playing your sport at the collegiate level, Suzie Hinman Locke contributed, “Where Do I Sign Up For a Full-Ride?”  Locke’s breakdown lays out where money for college athletics can be found and how to be realistic about choosing a school.

Good Luck in the 2013-2014 School Year.  And as Always….. Go Mental!