On Leadership

December brings us to the topic of leadership.  We’ve got some great contributions from our psychology experts and I hope you enjoy the read.  I certainly enjoyed editing the pieces for this issue.  I believe that leadership is one of the most difficult topics to write about, as it comes in so many different forms.  Dr. Coeshott, a regular at the #GoMental eJournal, states in his article “Implementing a Leadership Style” that

“…there is a misconception that leaders are born, not made”.

Of course, if you’re reading this and don’t believe that, you may as well turn away.  The growth mindset of an individual demands that we first and foremost believe we can acquire the traits that will allow us to be successful leaders.  Just as we demand our players be self-aware, we too must have the guts to dig and identify our flaws.  Leadership is the ultimate test of this trait.  It is how one responds when they are most vulnerable that is the greatest test of leadership.

The December GoMental! eJournal brings together an excellent group of authors providing insights into the many faces of leadership.  Dr. Randall Coeshott brings us a study on how to identify your personal leadership style in “Implementing Leadership Style”.  In “Action Plan for Building a Team Culture”, Rebekah Roullier gives a step by step approach to creating a productive and positive atmosphere.  Performance Specialist Anna Kip Watson speaks to the coach to player relationship and the various tools that can aide a coach in identifying and fostering character development.  Our final article is an excellent piece speaking directly to coaches that work with female athletes.  Dr. Robyn Odegaard (Doc Robyn), is a nationally known speaker and CEO Champion Performance Development.  It’s great to have such a quality list of contributors on board, and I hope you enjoy their content!

As always, Go Mental!