Well I am back into the swing of things, hitting the books hard preparing for my finals trying to make sure I graduate without any problems.  I had my first taste of college this past weekend and I cannot wait to go back!  Everything about my freshman orientation was above and beyond any expectations that I previously had.  Orientation started off a bit awkward with doing some ice breaking activities with the other incoming freshman who I didn’t know at all.  However, gradually things began to open up and I was introduced to a bunch of awesome people.  I met people from all over the country ranging from California all the way to New York.  The Southern culture seems like it might take a bit getting used to since I have been born and raised in St. Louis my whole life, but I am confident I can make the adjustment well.  I was able to register for all the classes I wanted, and I met several of my future professors who all seemed very friendly and approachable.


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I was able to practice on Friday afternoon with the soccer team, and I really enjoyed being around the team.  There seemed to be a true sense of camaraderie among the team, and everyone welcomed me with open arms.  I really held my own at practice, and even scored a goal when we scrimmaged at the end of practice.  My future roommate, Joe, was was also there for orientation and I am pumped to have met him.  He is from New Orleans and seems like a great guy, and I really think our personalities will mesh well together.  Also, I had a great talk with the new coach and I cannot wait to report to preseason in August.  The coach is really concerned with developing me both as a person and as a player.  He stressed the importance of academics, community involvement, and being a positive leader on and off the field.