What do the Indiana University men’s soccer team and the University of North Carolina women’s soccer team have in common? That’s easy, both teams are the NCAA DI National Champions. But what else do they have in common?  They both have coaches committed to attend EXACT Soccer’s Elite Prospect Camps this summer.

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Ernie Yarborough, men’s assistant at Indiana University, and Jason Sisneros, women’s assistant at University of North Carolina, will both be in Philadelphia with EXACT Soccer on June 8 and 9 for the boys and girls camps, respectively.

Yarborough and Sisneros are both regulars at EXACT Soccer’s Elite Prospect Camps and will be attending several events around the country this summer.

We caught up with both of them to ask about the EXACT Soccer Camp. Each of the National Champs shared some insight into why they think the camp is a great experience.

“It's rewarding to be a part of the experience.” Sisneros said. “I always enjoy coaching at EXACT Camps because the players that attend are motivated and determined to reach their goals.”

“On the field,” Yarborough describes, “sessions include top level instruction in all facets of the game from some of the Nation's leading collegiate coaches representing all levels of college soccer.”

Yarborough also gives some insight into what players can expect during the off-field activities, “Campers receive high level mental training exercises and are provided a framework for success that they can take with them for future development.”

Coach Yarborough is confirmed for EXACT Soccer’s boys events in Philadelphia (June 8-9), Northern California (July 6-7), Dallas (July 20-21), and Ohio (July 25-26).

Coach Sisneros is confirmed for EXACT Soccer’s girls events in Philadelphia (June 8-9), Georgia (June 15-16), Seattle (June 26-27), Houston (July 6-7), and Southern California (July 9-10).

Interested in meeting and training with Yarborough, Sisneros, and other college coaches this summer? Go to www.EXACTSoccer.com to learn more about an event in your area!

Yarborough’s IU men’s team was seeded 16in the NCAA tournament this year, but overcame the low seed, defeating Georgetown 1-0 to earn the program’s eighth national title. This was Yarborough’s third season at IU.

Sisneros joined the Tar Heel staff in 2012, and his first year started on the right foot. The women’s team landed their 22nd national title after a 4-1 victory over Penn State to add to the legacy of the most successful women’s soccer program in NCAA history.