Guest Writer: Brent Allen


He dekes passed one defender, then the other and takes it in on the goalie.  He winds up, fires, goal!  In hockey scoring goals takes much more than pure raw talent.  If raw talent were the only thing that made a successful hockey player then there would be a very overcrowded NHL.  But there is something else that goes into making an athlete successful at the NHL level, and that is what the athlete brings to the table mentally.  Rick Nash, of the Columbus Blue Jackets, has been putting up all-star numbers for almost his entire NHL career.  To go along with his talent for the game, Nash brings some mental aspects that help him stay amongst the top players in the NHL today.



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Rick Nash possesses dedication, which helps him continue to succeed in the NHL today.  Nash started playing organized hockey at the young age of ten with the Toronto Marlboro’s triple-A team.  He began to develop the various skills needed to be a successful hockey player.  Nash continued to work hard to better his skills and this dedication helped him make his debut in the NHL in 2002, where he continues to grow and succeed at the top level.  Nash would not have had the drive to push himself to succeed without being dedicated to the game of hockey.  This dedication for the game pushed Nash to better himself as a hockey player.


Without having passion for the game of hockey, Nash would probably not be where he is today.  Rick Nash’s passion for hockey is knowing that without hockey he would not be complete.  This passion is what led Nash to Europe during the NHL lockout in 2004-2005.  He could have taken the season off, but Nash enjoys the game too much and he wanted to continue to better his skills.  If Nash did not have a passion for the game then there would be no reason for him to put so much time and effort into the game of hockey.


Nash also shows strong determination when on the ice.  After a decent rookie season, Nash stepped up his play during the 2003-2004 season where he tied for the league lead in goals scored.  Instead of being satisfied with his rookie season totals, Nash’s determination to succeed helped him get to where he is at now.  Every time he steps onto the ice, Rick Nash makes sure that he leaves everything out there.


Having strong mental abilities to go along with a strong athletic core, helps make an athlete that much more successful.  Rick Nash’s dedication, passion, and determination have helped him achieve various accomplishments, such as the gold medal at the winter games last year.  Being strong mentally, as well as physically, will help make for a successful athlete in the long run.