There are many great soccer players throughout history, but if you had to chose the top 4 to put on your "Mount Rushmore of soccer", who would they be? We interviewed top college soccer coaches from across the nation to give us their Mount Rushmore of soccer picks with insider takes on why they chose those specific players.

A small snippet of what the coaches had to say along with their interview piece on their Mount Rushmore choices is below. You'll want to watch these, you just might learn something!


Matt Correia: Head Men’s Soccer Coach with Salem State University.

Bobby Muuss: Head Men’s Soccer Coach with Wake Forest University.

Manny Martins: Associate Head Women's Soccer Coach with the University of Oregon.

Brandon Bianco: Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Denison University in Granville, OH.

**Videos Below

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Matt Correia: Matt shares his top 4 Soccer Players of All Time on our Mount Rushmore Segment. He talks about Rinaldo, Messi, Pele and Diego Maradona and then shares a fun story of visiting family in Portugal. **Video Below

Bobby Muuss: Bobby laughs about his unusual Mount Rushmore of Soccer and why he chose his Top 4: Jurgen Klopp, Zidane, Kasey Keller, Croix. **Video Below

Manny Martins: Manny gives us his Mt. Rushmore of Soccer that includes Figo, Ronaldo, and more. **Video Below

Brandon Bianco: Brandon talks about his top 4 all time favorite players that he would see on his Mount Rushmore of Players. He also shares a fun fact about the 1994 World Cup and how he fell in love with soccer while there. **Video Below

As we can see from the interviews, each coach has their own unique stories and thoughts on why they chose each specific player for their Mount Rushmore of soccer. all of the coaches don't have the same answers because the game and specific players have impacted them differently, resulting in variance on who they chose. If you had to make a Mount Rushmore of soccer, what players would be on yours?? 

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