Who would be in your Mount Rushmore of Volleyball? Volleyball is a growing sport across the globe, with many amazing players - indoor and beach volleyball. From leaders that have paved the way within the game, athletes that have changed the game with competitiveness, strong mentality, unique skill sets - these are all key factors to success within volleyball. Read more about the coaches we have interviewed about their Mount Rushmore of volleyball!


Greg Shell: Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach at Central Connecticut State University.

Mark Jones: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Quincy University. 

Rosanna Sguerra: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Denison University.

Demetria Keys-Johnson: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Grambling State University.

Calaeb Campbell: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Ursuline College. 

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Greg Shell

Greg Shell's Mount Rushmore consisted of only American players, including Karch Kiraly and Kerri Walsh Jennings as his first two picks due to what they have done for the game, while exhibiting great athletic ability. Last two picks are the famous Logan Tom and Lloy Ball, which I would say is an all around great selection for a Mount Rushmore of volleyball.

Mark Jones

Mark Jones's first pick is Kerri Walsh Jennings, because she is an amazing player for indoor volleyball, as well as beach volleyball. His next pick is Karch Kari, the coach of the US National Team, and states that he is an incredible competitor which contributes to his overall athletic achievements. Mark’s next pick is one of his friends who played at UCLA, as he mentions she is an incredible player. His last pick is Keri Killebrew who played at Washington State University, one of the most competitive players he has seen in the game. 

Rosanna Sguerra 

Rosanna Sguerra's number one pick is Karch Kiraly and tells us she continues to learn from him as time goes on. Her next pick is Kerri Walsh Jennings, Rosanna believes she is a great leader in the sport after all she has done for the volleyball game. Rosanna’s third pick is Micha Hancock, she admires her ability to make everyone else around her look good. Her fourth pick is Megan Courtney, who she believes is a great athlete and team player. 

Demetria Keys-Johnson 

Demetria gives her Mount Rushmore of volleyball including Flo Hyman, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Karch Kiraly, and all of the current USA players. Flo Hyman as Demetria's first pick, says he is an awesome athlete being the first African American to pave the way for others. Kerri Walsh Jennings because she has showed the world that you can be a wife and a mother, and still be a great athlete. Karch Kiraly as her third pick, because he is a great player and coach, his skill set is unmatched compared to others. Her last pick was all of the current USA players, because despite the age range, they all support one another as a team and are great to watch.

Calaeb Campbell 

Calaeb’s Mount Rushmore includes: Jordan Larson, Kerri Walsh, Misty May, and Inky Ajanaku. Jordan Larson is Calaeb's number one pick because she is a great athlete to watch and his sister wanted to play like her. His next two picks, Kerri Walsh and Misty May, have paved the way for women's volleyball, and has done a lot for the indoor and beach volleyball game. Lastly, Inky Ajanaku from Stanford, because he believes she is a definition of a leader, especially in the middle of hard competition, she always pushes her team to do their best. He believes that all of these players are great leaders who paved the way in women’s volleyball. 

As you have read and seen from our coaches, there are many great athletes in the volleyball game. It is exciting to see who will positively impact the game as the years go on. 

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