Round 2 of our coaches "not-so" best moments. Sometimes these moments come at the most random times, and can be some of the funniest memories to date. It is all apart of the process, and essential to growing as an athlete and coach. See what our coaches not-so best moments are in their career!


Andy Fleming: Head Men's Soccer Coach at Xavier University.

Nate Lie: Head Women's Soccer Coach at Xavier University.

Tim Lenahan: Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Northwestern University. 

Demetria Keys-Johnson: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Grambling State University.

Calaeb Campbell: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Ursuline College.

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Andy Fleming

In 2010, Andy was working at a soccer camp and there was a minute left in the game and the score was 0-0. Andy had his goalkeeper come up for a corner kick and the opposing team ended up receiving the ball, and kicking a clear shot down the field. They scored the winning goal, which left Andy's team defeated.

Nate Lie

Nate has a player on his team currently who's a phenomenal player, believing that she will go pro. During a game against Seton Hall, she went to kick a ball, but ended up completely missing it and falling backwards. Someone was filming the game, and ended up sending it in the team group chat. The player ended up posting it on her social media, her friends shared the post, and she gained a lot of attention online.

Tim Lenahan

Tim came up with an interesting idea for a play. He had one of his players take off the back of his shoe, so when he went to shoot a goal his shoe would fly off, distracting the goalie. Tim says the shoe play has only been ran once, and is not one he is particularly proud of. 

Demetria Keys-Johnson

Demetria’s not-so best moment was when one of her players dove for a ball, and her wig ended up falling off her head as she went for the ball. Demetria felt so bad for this player, but she walked it off like a champ.

Calaeb Campbell

At a preseason tournament, one of Calaeb's players had a shoe fall off as she was going for a block. The second shoe, seconds later, fell off as well. He described it as mass chaos, people were falling down and shoes were flying. He has never experienced something like that before!

Again, the "not-so" best moments are essential to growing as an athlete and coach. How can we be the best player/coach we can be without defeat? Including the funny moments, they all contribute to what we need to learn, to achieve success in practice and in a game - even if it's the random little things we forget about.

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