What are your favorite pre-game rituals, or superstitions? As an athlete and coach, we all have that one ritual or superstition we believe in. It could be as simple as putting on your left shoe before your right, just for good luck. Listen to what our coaches have to say from their experiences!


Jamie Franks: Head Men's Soccer Coach at University of Denver.

Rob Thompson: Director of Operations for Men's Soccer at Clemson University.

Elmar Bolowich: Head Men’s Soccer Coach at George Mason University. 

Jess Greer: Operations Coordinator for Women’s Soccer at Washington State University. 

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Jamie Franks

Jamie says he always meditates before a game, works out on the day of the game, and stays away from coffee close to game time. He also says he tries to not be too involved with the players when they are warming up, because he does not want to escalate their nerves. He also talks about some unique pre-game rituals that his players do. 

Rob Thompson

Rob says when he played soccer, he never stepped on a line on the field before the game. He also says that when he was coaching at New Hampshire, he always took a shower before every match. Rob says he prefers to look at these things as routines, rather than rituals. 

Elmar Bolowich

Elmar says he is not a superstitious guy and does not have any pre-game rituals. Elmar says that coaching is all about dealing with adversity. So, if you have a pre-game superstition and something gets in the way, you will already believe something is going to go wrong. He also talks about some of his players pre-game rituals. 

Jess Greer

Jess says as a player she always put her right shoe on first, before the left. Jess also says she has had the same pre-game meal for years now from Panera. Jess also tells us about some fun pre-game rituals her teams have had. 

As simple as your pre-game ritual or superstition can be, sometimes it makes us feel more prepared before a game. Typically, all athletes have something they do by themselves, or as a team to feel better going into the game. 

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