Tremendous success and the best weather in the country met me as I headed down to Miami on the last weekend in February to hold the Florida Boys Soccer Camp.  It was my first trip to South Florida and the  minute I got of the plane I said to myself “I need to set up another trip”.  So I did.

Steve McCrath leads one of the top DII programs in the country, and his facilities were perfect for the Sunshine State Elite Boys NPDC.  Couple that with a great staff featuring top programs locally (Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Wisconsin, North Carolina) and you have the best mental training and development camp in the region.

So, if we can accomplish that goal on the boys side, why not try it on the girls?

In December I was fortunate enough to bring University of Miami Assistant Coach Vernon Croft to Chicago for a weekend for the Windy City Elite Girls NPDC.  Host Coach Janet Rayfield (University of Illinois) had recommend Coach Croft, and after a few hours working with him, it was easy to see why.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and he quickly became a player favorite.

Coach Croft, noting the great weather in Miami compared to a Chicago winter, recommended we put together a group of coaches to host a girls NPDC in South Florida.  Enter Fred Jungemann, Head Women’s Coach at Barry University.  Why not go back to Barry University and offer the same mental training?

So it’s set.  A top notch staff including Donna Fishter (University of Central Florida), Vernon Croft (University of Miami), Fred Jungemann (Barry University), and Chip Dutchick (Lynn University) will deliver a truly exceptional camper experience on the field.  Barry University will be the site, and for those of you who have not visited the campus in Miami Shores, it couldn’t be more perfect.

I look forward to working with players and coaches alike on what will be a great weekend.  Check out the registration information at