Recruiting can be a tiring and long process, and it can also leave athletes confused on what the timeline of it looks like. So, what is a realistic timeline for recruiting? We asked our coaches to gain more insight on what athletes should expect, especially with the current world pandemic going on. Enjoy!


Rob Thompson: Director of Operations at Clemson University.

Elmar Bolowich: Head Men’s Soccer Coach at George Mason University.  

Jess Greer: Operations Coordinator for Women’s Soccer at Washington State University. 

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Rob Thompson

Rob says that recruiting timelines look different for every athlete. He says that a very important part of the recruiting process is getting on campus for a campus visit. He also reminds athletes that they need to do their research on a school first, because there is no use in contacting a college if they don't even have the major you're interested in. 

Elmar Bolowich

Elmar says that once an athlete makes the commitment to a college, is when coaches start becoming very personal with a player. Coaches give committed athletes more feedback to help their transition. Elmar says that once the commitment is there, the relationship begins. He notes that most coaches do not want to see any red flags such as discipline issues with high school or club coaches. 

Jess Greer

Jess talks about what the recruiting process may look like for student athletes. She encourages athletes to make a list of schools they are interested in, and then make sure to do their research on all of the schools. She tells athletes to make sure that the schools they are interested in, have everything they need outside of soccer as well. 

Having more tips on realistic recruiting timelines will help in this time of need. Remember to do your research, and take the process seriously. 

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