Some of the most important aspects of college recruiting is done off the field. These applications can make or break a player's chances of being recruited to the school they want to go to. We interviewed 5 top college coaches from around the nation to give us their perspective on their top do's and don'ts of the college recruiting process!

All interviews and a small snippet of what the coaches had to say are down below. Enjoy!


Dallas Jaussi: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at the California State University-Los Angeles.

Chris Allen: Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with St. Louis University.

Mike Wentzler: Assistant Coach and Goalkeeping Coach at Emory University.

Manya Puppione: Head Coach of Women’s Soccer at Marymount University.

Dwight Hornibrook: Director of Soccer at Halifax County United.

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Dallas Jaussi: Coach Jaussi finishes off his interview with some solid Dos and Don’ts in communication for recruiting purposes. Biggest tips are shared here so you can make sure that coaches know what to do with your emails. Also...always know who you are emailing 🙂 **Video Below

Chris Allen: Chris’ biggest tip to high-schoolers when communicating with coaches is to try your best to stand out. He reminds athletes that these coaches are receiving a lot of emails and encourages them to find a way to personalize their emails to these schools the best they can. Chris also encourages players to include their video highlights in their email to these coaches. **Video Below

Mike Wentzler: Mike loves to get to know his players on and off the field and suggests his biggest tip for players communicating with coaches during this time would be to share some fun facts about themselves. He suggests athletes share what they are doing to stay sane during this time but keep the email concise. **Video Below

Manya Puppione: Manya reminds athletes to use this challenging time to not only grow as a player but also as a person. She recommends players get into a routine where they can set aside time to train on their own by playing in their backyard or going for a run however she also advises to set aside time for downtime for yourself to relax. **Video Below

Dwight Hornibrook: The recruiting process is not much different for a Canadian player. Dwight talks about how Canadian athletes can do to stand out via email. He also mentions the high level of University play north of the border. **Video Below

As you can see from the coaches, the recruiting process is very delicate and needs to be taken seriously.Impressions are everything because the coaches need to get a feel for if you can fit well into their program. Hopefully this information helps and good luck with your recruitment process! 

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