As most of the world is confined to our homes for much of the day right now, it's important that athletes use all of the "off time" they have to their advantage. For high school level athletes looking to go to college to play their respective sport, right now is a key time in pressing forward and taking the necessary steps to get recruited. 

We'e gained helpful insight from top college coaches from around the nation to see what recruiting tips they have for young athletes, including tasks that can be completed while quarantined. 

Our interviews included coaches from around the soccer and volleyball world:

Bobby Muuss: Head Men’s Soccer Coach with Wake Forest University. 

Michelle Cole: Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington. 

Kerry Edwards: Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of North Alabama. 

Zach Weinberg: Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Tennessee Technological University (Tennessee Tech)

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Coach Tip Videos

Coach Bobby Muuss: Coach Muuss shares his thoughts on how athletes can stay prepared in the recruiting process by staying active in it and communicating with coaches. He also offers up some fun Dos and Don’ts that athletes and parents alike can learn from. **Video Below

Coach Michelle Cole: Dignity? No room for it! Michelle speaks to recruiting opportunities for seniors on how to keep the ball rolling but also for all aged athletes and how they should stay active and be persistent and aggressive. She also gives the fun Dos and Don’ts when communicating with coaches. **Video Below

Coach Kerry Edwards: Kerry shares some strong tips to keep the recruiting process going and keeping communication with coaches. She shares a few other tips that athletes from freshman to seniors can utilize. **Video Below

Coach Zach Weinberg: Silver Lining? Most coaches have more computer time now to read and respond to emails, so now is a great time to reach out and either start the process or keep the process rolling. Coach Weinberg also shares some info on Dead periods and contact periods for coaches. Anyone after June 15th after their Sophomore year can get responses from coaches but anyone can reach out to coaches, just understand the restrictions per division.

Athletes using this time to their advantage also shows coaches how seriously they take their athletic careers. even when we aren't able to do anything outside right now, showing that you are still willing to go the extra distance to get recruited and put your best foot forward could make all the difference in landing an offer!

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