Every college athlete has a recruitment story. Whether it's about how they were recruited to play in the professionals, college, or as a coach, how they recruit other players is valuable insight for young aspiring athletes to see how being recruited and how recruiting for a team is done. We interviewed college coaches to share their recruitment stories and put all of their interviews and a small snippet of what they had to say below. Enjoy!


Manya Puppione: Head coach of women’s soccer at Marymount University.

Brandon Bianco: Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Denison University in Granville, OH. 

Greg Shell: Women's Assistant Volleyball coach at Central Connecticut State University. 

Joe Sagar: Head Women’s Soccer coach at Lawrence University.

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Manya Puppione: Playing professional soccer was never something Manya grew up dreaming about, in fact the first professional league for women did not start up until she was in college. When Manya finished up her masters degree the second women’s professional soccer league was created and she was drafted to a team. Manya went on to play three years of professional soccer in the US and two years in Europe.

Brandon Bianco: Coach Bianco talks about his recruiting process as well as shares a player’s recruiting process and how “Finding the Right Fit” is important and that you can find it through some research and self reflection.

Greg Shell: Greg tells a story of a player they were interested in recruiting who was not only an extremely talented player but also a player who was very supportive of all her other teammates. When Greg called her initially she thanked him for his interest but said she was interested in a larger school and somewhere closer to her. Greg decided to reach back out to her a few months later and she was interested. She enjoyed her years at central greatly, was a great player and is now a Division I coach herself.

Joe Sagar: Coach Sagar shares one of his favorite recruiting stories about meeting a young athlete as a 9th grader and the journey she took to make it to the college game. It’s a special story as she enjoyed the school as her dad was an alumni and they would go to games together. She then found her fit with the program and built the relationship to play for the same program.

As we can see from the coaches, everyone has their own unique stories to tell how they got to their University/Professional level or a unique experience about how they have recruited their own players. Time to start yours! 

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