The big question: what will life look like after the COVID-19 pandemic? More specifically, what will it look like for athletes? We will endure a "new normal" but having an open mind mentality will help everyone get back into the ease of things. Listen to what our coaches advice is for athletes! 


Mark Thomas: Executive Director at Penn Fusion Soccer Academy.

Tim Verschuren: Girls Academy Director at STA Soccer.

Jess Nash: Director of Coaching and Program Outreach at Rush Wisconsin.

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Mark Thomas

Coach Thomas tells us about his soccer club, Penn Fusion, and how they have promised every returning player they have a soccer home with them - if they choose to stay. He also encourages players to be true to who they are during tryouts to best showcase their skills. Everyone is in the same boat, so do what you know best.  

Tim Verschuren

Coach Tim’s advice is to go out to the pitch and simply enjoy it! Do not stress about technique, fitness, or anything. Simply do what you love! The parts of your game that are rusty will return in time. He also encourages athletes to utilize their muscles by doing yoga, running, and stretching so they are less prone to injuries upon returning to play. 

Jess Nash

Coach Nash encourages players to do as much as they can at home, just like prepping/preparing for a pre-season. She also encourages teammates to stay in contact with their teammates. She goes on to describe Rush’s unique accountability partner system during these unprecedented times. 

Doing as much as you can at home, keeping up with your skills, and connecting with the sports world will help all athletes return to the field. Take it day by day, and don't stress yourself out too much! After all, we are all in the same boat - no one is alone. 

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