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“Mind & Body”

It is a sport that involves a trained mind and trained body.  It is a way of thinking that need a positive attitude and the ability to make quick decisions.  It is wrestling.

Wrestling is a competition that must have near physical perfection.  To be a successful wrestler, one must have exceptional endurance, to last six minutes in this intense activity.  Strength is another ingredient that goes into the development of the wrestler.  The person must be able to lift and move the opponent effectively.  Speed is a requisite for this sport because the two adversaries are constantly moving and always trying to stay on top.

The mental state of a wrestler must be in perfect order and harmony.  He must have a hunger to win that is insatiable; even victory won’t satisfy a wrestler.  The concentration must be in focus, so that nothing else counts, not school, not friends, and not family.  Wrestling must be the only concern of a wrestler.

The training and practice that prepares a person for his match has its rewards.  The most obvious is winning because hard work does pay off.  More importantly, is the satisfaction of success.  Success is not winning, success is being the best you can be.  How much you give to this sport is how much you receive.

The toughest sport is wrestling because it involves a direct link between the mind and the body.  The wrestler must be able to control his actions and utilize his physical talents.  Wrestling needs perfection.