Thanks to everyone for coming out to our Midwest Girls Camp held here in Chicago! It was a great 2 days of intense 1v1 training, coaching instruction both on-field and off, and hopefully, some lasting relationships. We here at EXACT Sports were thrilled to host the camp participants. We had so many interested in enrolling we had to cap attendance and create a waiting list! Hopefully those who couldn’t join us this time can join us the next time… Also, a big thank you to Janet Rayfield, head Women’s Soccer coach at University of Illinois, who served as the lead instructor and camp director. Janet, along with the other amazing instructors (Tari St. John of Butler University, Vernon Croft of University of Miami, Mick Lyon of Indiana University, Krista McKendree of University of Evansville, Michael Moynihan of UW-Milwaukee, and former Major League Soccer goalkeeper Chris Snitko) brought with them such a phenomenal amount of soccer coaching experience that I really hope the players found enriching.


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2 final thoughts + some photos I snapped on my phone:

1) The games and shootout at the end of camp were awesome! I think I even saw several Chicago Firefighters, who were waiting to use the facility to play football, watching the games.

2) It was great to see many of the parents come and support their kids. If any of the campers are reading this message... you should go thank your parents for giving you so much support. You may not realize it, but you're pretty lucky to have them as parents.

Photos uploaded from mobile phone:

Playing for possession...

Coach Croft providing players with tactical insights...

A group of players discussing their mental performance during games they played...

Keepers practicing receiving and agility drills with former MLS Keeper, Chris Snitko