Planning Coach Career Moves In Sports

With the greater sports coach industry producing over $10BN in annual revenue, there is an extensive amount of opportunities available to current and aspiring sports coaches in soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball; among many other sports! 

The overall growth of the industry has also increased the saturation of coaching talent in the United States so as you can imagine, having some strong insight into planning your sports coach career or even a big transition within your current coach career is detrimental to your success as a sports coach. 

EXACT Sports is the second largest employer of college coaches in the country with hundreds of D1, D2, and D3 NCAA and NAIA college coaches. EXACT also works to curate meaningful nationwide relationships with club sport coaches. Here are some of the top career insights that EXACT has learned over the years working in tandem with the coaching community. 

Michigan State College Baseball Coach and Baseball HighSchool Player at EXACT Sports Camp

Finding The Right Work Culture As A Sports Coach 

When you are setting out looking for your first sports coach opportunity, many of EXACT's seasoned coaches suggest looking for the right culture fit with the core beliefs that you abide by as a early career sports coach. 

It's also important to realize that choosing the right culture fit doesn't mean finding a "top-level" program where the team has won various championship titles in recent seasons. Happiness in your role isn't always about winning big division and/or regional titles. 

Overall, senior-level club and college coaches have conveyed to sports coaching who are starting out, that the process is a journey which will take some time to find your brand and voice as a coach. Knowing who you are and what you bring to a club or college program is key in helping to find the culture fit that works with your mission and style. 

Creating A Supportive Environment For Club Sports Coaches

If you're currently at a club sports program in soccer, basketball, baseball, or even volleyball then it's your responsibility to help shape a supportive environment not only for the players but for the coaches and club staff. With a lack of positive and supportive work environment in club sports, more and more coaches tend to leave programs in search of a better culture fit.

EXACT's nationwide network of club and college coaches believe that this can be avoidable if you as a club coach help to take the lead on cultivating a positive and supportive community at your sports club. You'll need to hold various meetings with the coaching staff to design a plan that weighs everyone's feedback while finding common ground as a team. 

EXACT Sports Membercast Podcast

With the rising costs in sports coach education and a lack of free and trusted information sources, EXACT Sports set out to solve this massive problem within the club and college coach community by launching EXACT Sports Membercast

Membercast provides an exclusive window into the professional lives of top coaches from around the world and gives valuable insights that can better prepare aspiring coaches and athletes within the sports industry. Membercast is a monthly podcast hosted by Teddy Romas and powered by EXACT Sports. This podcast is meant to serve as a meaningful education source for club coaches, high school coaches, athletes, and parents of young athletes.

You can listen to the latest episode of Membercast where Matt Tunis, Director of Operations at Empire FC and Mike Davis, Asst. Coach at Cal Poly Pomona discuss planning coach career moves and transitions in the sports industry. 

EXACT Sports Membercast with Matt Tunis and Mike Davis, soccer college and club coaches discussing coach career moves and transitions.