by: Laura Fitzgerald and Sam Morgan

What do 21 percent of the players on Division III UW Superior Men’s Soccer roster have in common?

They all met their eventual head coach at an EXACT Soccer Camp. Head Coach Joe Mooney, whose 2012 UW Superior roster features seven players he met at the
EXACT Soccer Elite Prospect Camp, has worked at EXACT Soccer camps for the past two summers.


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If you are an aspiring college athlete, or the parent of an aspiring college athlete, you know how daunting and frustrating the college recruiting process can be. According to Coach Mooney, there are three distinct advantages of the EXACT Soccer Camp that are leading to the success so many players are having: one-on-one
interaction between players and college coaches, training that prepares athletes mentally, and education on the college recruiting process.

We caught up with Coach Mooney to ask him how these advantages help high school players that want to play in college. Here’s what he had to say:

One-on-One Interaction

Coach Mooney said that the reason EXACT Soccer camps are so effective is because athletes and coaches actually have a chance to train together on the field. The 7:1 player to coach ratio allows coaches to work in smaller numbers and be able to pull players aside and discuss issues. The opportunity to get to know one another extends off the field too, as coaches at EXACT camps even eat lunch with the athletes!

Players get so much individual attention. Each player gets a one-on-one evaluation at the end of camp, and we designate time after each session to meet in small groups. The coach to player ratio is great—players get a chance to know all coaches at some point throughout the camp,” said Mooney.

Psychological Training

Mooney likes that EXACT integrates mental toughness training into their camps. He said that it gives athletes an extra advantage on the field because they understand how to approach the game in any situation, which is crucial to success at the college level.

Being able to address the psychological aspects of what it means to be an athlete and really prepare yourself—that goes a long way. Most kids don’t devote time to psychological training. This gives them tools and guidelines to address needs within a game.  I have guys now that went to this camp and they still use stuff that they learned from the camp and pass it onto teammates. They use it to this day in their own game to keep their mental clarity,” said Mooney.

College Recruiting Panel

EXACT provides athletes and parents with a College Recruiting Panel at the end of the camp. Mooney said that parents and players have the opportunity to ask questions and get information about the recruitment process, something that other camps don’t provide to players.

“We give them an idea of what to do, parents and players in the same room, and find priorities and concerns. It’s a great investment. The players get a good camp experience and they’re going to come out of it better soccer players,” said Mooney.