College coaches have a ton of success and failure stories from winning national championships, to losing them by 1 point. Here, we're going to be focusing on the success stories from college coaches in both soccer and volleyball. Young athletes can learn a lot from college coach success stories, it allows them an inside look into collegiate athletics and some of the glory that comes along with it. We put all of the interviews down below coach by coach with a snippet of what they has to say and their interview below that! 


Kerry Edwards: Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of North Alabama.

Dallas Jaussi: Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at the California State University-Los Angeles.

Matt Correia: Head Men’s Soccer Coach with Salem State University.

Kevin Moore: Assistant Women’s Volleyball coach with Northwestern University.

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Kerry Edwards: Coach Edwards talks about her 2018 season as the first season moving from DII to DI.  She gives some insight into what made that a fun year and how they continued to grow including what made that team fun. **Video Below

Dallas Jaussi: Dallas gets to relive their amazing 2019 season and making it to the NCAA Final and how they worked through all the positives and challenges throughout the year to make for an amazing season. Check it out! **Video Below

Matt Correia: Coach Correia gives his insights into what makes a team successful while sharing a recent story about one of his teams and their mental toughness and dedication to the team goals. **Video Below

Kevin Moore: Kevin talks about his former team at Juniata and how they could have so much fun off the court but when it was time to practice and play, it was GAME ON! They would get so intense and push each other to do their best and they would have intense focus. It was a great story of how to leave it all on the court and do their best physically and mentally. **Video Below

Team success stories are an amazing way to show how much every day working hard toward the goals for the team are worth it in the end. All of the days in the gym, practice, traveling, etc. are all worth it when you get a little taste of the glory!

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