The Last Dance, what was your favorite part of the documentary series? While Michael Jordan's series left chills down everyone's spine, we wanted to ask some of our basketball coaches what their thoughts were on it. Enjoy!


David Lewis: Associate Head Coach at Angelo State University (NCAA Division II).

Charlie Mason: Head Coach at New England College (NCAA DIII).

Lee Sartor: Head Coach at Erskine College (NCAA Division II).

Vince Kmiec: Assistant Coach at North Central College (NCAA Division III). 

Jason Posser: Assistant Coach at Queens College.

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David Lewis

Coach Lewis’ initial thoughts on the “The Last Dance” documentary is that Dennis Rodman should have had more of a spotlight than he was given with the Bulls organization. Coach Lewis loved Dennis Rodman because he did whatever it took to be his best. He believes that a lot of people didn't realize how amazing his work ethic was, due to his off the court lifestyle, but he was seriously a student of the game. He was good at his 'craft' and was not shy at all on the court. Lewis is always rooting for Rodman because he is also a Texas guy, along with his basketball roots coming from a small college like his.

Charlie Mason

Coach Mason loved working MJ’s camps at Elmhurst College. He discusses in detail how Michael Jordan was a stand out at these camps above even the most elite athletes. "Pick up games of the century" as Coach Mason called it, these basketball camps were some of the best camps Coach Mason has ever been apart of in his career. 

Lee Sartor

Coach Lee believes that Michael Jordan is the best player of all time, but believes Zion could be the next if he continues to work hard. He mentions how amazing Micheal Jordan's preparation and determination for the game was, he wanted to win so badly every time he stepped foot on the court - always finding a way to pull out the win. Having athletes like Micheal Jordan, that not only hold themselves accountable, but their teammates as well, will bring a ton of success to the team. He describes Jordan’s approach to the game and believes it was unmatched. 

Vince Kmiec

Being a Chicago-native, Coach Vince believes that the generation of the Chicago Bulls was the best sports team that’s ever been. His mother was a 'Bulls Luvabulls' in 1987-1991, before the Bulls could 'figure it out' but it was still a cool experience. Coach Vince also mentions how interesting it is to see the controversy within the comparisons from MJ and the 1990's Chicago Bulls, to the newer eras that have risen since. 

Jason Posser

Coach Posser loved the docu-series with the 1990's Chicago Bulls. When asked if there was a 'part 2' of the series with another NBA basketball team, who would it be? If he could pick any other team, he’d choose the Golden State Warriors so that he could learn more about Steve Kerr and Steph Curry. 

The Last Dance will always be one of the best documentary series in sports history - just like the 1990's Chicago Bulls.  

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